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This is not your normal decaf.

Let me explain. This particular lot was processed using the unique "fed-batch" method that Ana Mustafa created. Over the course of 3 different days of picking, the coffee gets 24hrs of drying in husk and 48 drying in tanks, then mechanically dried.

Very rarely will producers or washing stations process their coffees so meticulously before it get decaffeinated. In fact, when brought to the decaf mill, they called to say this coffee was too good and there might have been a mistake!

Thats when Herbert of LaReal Expedicion said "nope" and they made quite possibly the best decaf known.


Decaf drinkers rejoice!


Region Risaralda

Municipality Pereira

Vereda El Pital de Combia

Caficultor Mustafá Family
Varietal Castillo

Elevation 1550 - 1650 m

Decaf Colombia Fincas Mustafa

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