Our first ever Gesha lot brought to us by our great friends at LaREB. This lot is a prime example of the beautiful qualities found in the varietal and why it is so sought after. Mariela is nestled in the mountains of Narino with a lush environment ideal to grow specialty coffee. We are pleased to have her coffee and hope to buy from her in the future.


The Gesha Variety orginiated in Ethiopia and has since spread to other coffee producing countries of the world. It has been extremely popular in Panama where it has recieved wildly high prices in auction. Gesha is a favorite among roasters and specialty coffee consumers alike for its distinct floarl notes, tea-like body and often times exquisite tropical and citrus flavors.


Producer: Mariela Velasco

Region: La Union, Narino

Elevation: 1500 MASL

Process: Fully washed, 24h in husk resting, 48hr open drying, 15 day patio drying.

Mariela Velasco Washed Gesha