Herbert Peñaloza Correa is not only a coffee producer or business owner, he is a good friend and we value the relationship we have with him and LaREB very highly. We were lucky enough to connect after having some of his coffee in Denver over a year ago and the rest is history. We've met each others families since then and become friends more than just business transactions which makes this release even more special.

With a career in coffee over 10 years, Herbert has done everything from growing, exporting, importing, and roasting.

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"Typica is the closest thing Colombia has to a native cultivar" says Herbert. "It has been cultivated for over two centuries".

Mostly known for its delicateness and distinct floral notes, Typica is often in the category of other highly valued varietals in coffee.


After tasting a natural processed Ethiopian in Texas, Herbert became obsessed with the process and the flavors it produced. It took several iterations of fermentation times and vessel types to come to the conclusion that 72hrs in a closed vessel was the sweet spot to produce a clean and complex profile. This process adds dimension to the coffee make it juicy, sweet, and a mouthfeel/taste that lingers well after each sip.